FOCAL and FOCAL resource have established two specialized Workshops under a unique European training platform designed for all film professionals directly involved in the three main stages of film-making: pre-production, shooting, and post-production.

The key benefits of the platform include:

With European co-productions remaining at the center of the Workshops’ process, participants learning opportunities include:

Production Value (11th edition in 2017) is an 8-day residential Workshop on scheduling and budgeting European feature films with budgets from 3 to 10 million €. Junior line producers and junior assistant directors from all over Europe, working in teams of two, are assigned real projects in development which are brought to the Workshop by their directors and producers.

7 to 15 January 2017, in Bilbao — Application deadline: 10 November 2016

Digital Production Challenge II (9th edition in 2017) is a 3-day residential Workshop targeted at all key professionals involved in the film-making process. Taking an overall practical approach, the workshop combines technical presentations on post-production with case studies, panel discussions on post-production challenges and personalized expertise on participants’ projects. The Workshop also aims to improve communication within the decision-making steps in post-production, to guide participants in terms of delivery materials and media archiving and to explore overall distribution strategies (theatrical, broadcast, internet, etc.).

2 to 5 November 2017, in Bilbao (tbc) — Application deadline: 27 September 2017